AI Graduates and Completed Theses

Graduation Date
Name of Graduate
Major Professor
Thesis Title
05/27/1988 (1) Martin Volk Michael Covington Parsing German with GPSG : the Problem of Separable Prefix Verbs
09/23/1988 (2) Kevin Weinrich Michael Covington An Intelligent Interactive Grammar Tutorial
12/12/1988 (3) Ronald Gonsher Donald Nute A Parallel Implementation of Defeasible Reasoning
12/23/1988 (4) Thomas Tidrick Walter D. Potter Knowledge Based Systems
06/17/1989 (5) Pam Coffey Donald Nute PAAD : A Performance Analysis Aid Expert System
08/19/1989 (6) Leonard Fried Donald Nute The Paint Expert System
08/19/1989 (7) Yih-Shiuan Hu Michael Covington A Translator for a Bottom-up Parser with Features
09/18/1989 (8) Thomas Wardlow Donald Nute Development of an Expert System Prototype Job Aid
12/04/1989 (9) William (Bill) Smith Michael Covington Constrained Clauses in Discourse Representation Theory
08/18/1990 (10) Chao, Jhy-Wen Donald Nute AdmissionPro : A Neural Network Based Expert
08/18/1990 (11) Torben Hansen Donald Nute Applying the Back Propagation Learning Algorithm for a Real World Problem
12/10/1990 (12) Jishen He Ron McClendon An Expert System for Academic Scheduling in an Agricultural Engineering Curriculum
12/13/1990 (13) Gregg Rosenberg Donald Nute SALMON : A Tempermental Program
12/29/1990 (14) Ping Zhang Donald Nute An Expert System for Plant Nutrition Recommendation
03/25/1991 (15) Bai-Zheng Li Michael Covington A Natural Language Front-End for DOS
07/25/1991 (16) Andreas Siebert Suchendra Bhandarkar Polyhedral Object Recognition from Range Images
08/29/1991 (17) Sufen Wang Walter D. Potter Domain Knowledge and Control Knowledge
06/01/1992 (18) Xiaochang Yu Donald Nute A Computer Help Desk Referral System
06/29/1992 (19) Stavros Voloudakis Asterios Kafalas STRATMAN : A Knowledge-based System for Strategic Planning and Management
07/24/1992 (20) Viren Patel Ron McClendon Detection of Defective Eggs Using Computer Vision and Neural Networks
08/15/1992 (21) David Elizondo Ron McClendon Neural Network Models to Predict Solar Radiation and Plant Phenology
08/15/1992 (22) Marcus Maloof Krys Kochut TPS : Incorporating Temporal Reasoning into a Production System
12/02/1992 (23) Yiqing Zhang Suchendra Bhandarkar A Comparison of Cost Minimization Approaches to Edge Detection
03/17/1993 (24) Frank Eisenhart Bruce Britton A Connectionist Model of Language from Sensory Pre adaptation
06/12/1993 (25) William Arnold Walter D. Potter CLASSICAL : Classifier System Indexing of Case Libraries
06/12/1993 (26) James Ford Bruce Britton Reasoning with Imagery in the Soar Cognitive Architecture
06/12/1993 (27) Gregory Izzo Donald Nute Incorporating Defeasible Reasoning into Discourse Representation Theory
07/22/1993 (28) John Ball Walter D. Potter The Use of Presortedness Measures as Heuristic Functions
08/31/1993 (29) Hong-Gee Kim Donald Nute Perspectives, Theories, and Conceptualization
09/02/1993 (30) Jia Liu Donald Nute An Expert System for the Recommendation of Over-the-Counter Cold and Allergy Drugs
09/08/1993 (31) Byoung Kang Ron McClendon Weather Prediction Using Neural Network Models
03/30/1994 (32) Liu Zhang Walter D. Potter Computer Simulation of Statistics and Educational Measurement
04/01/1994 (33) Daniel Brown Michael Covington A Natural Language Querying System Based on Discourse Representation Theory and Incorporating Tense Logic
05/18/1994 (34) Juric, Marc Walter D. Potter An Anti-Adaptationist Genetic Algorithm for Evolving Neural Networks
06/08/1994 (35) Laurel Graham Michael Covington An Implementation of Plurality in Discourse Representation Theory
06/10/1994 (36) Yilan Li Donald Nute Intelligent Graphical Interfaces for Product Selection
06/11/1994 (37) Fon-Lein Chang Walter D. Potter Genetic Algorithms in Battlefield Communications Network Configuration
06/15/1994 (38) Debashis Rana Walter D. Potter Knowledge Discovery in Databases
06/15/1994 (39) Sivarajah Thurairajah Ron McClendon Classification of Electrocardiogram Data Using Artificial Neural Networks
08/15/1994 (40) Xilong Chen John Miller An Expert System for Herbal Medicine Diagnosis and Prescription
08/15/1994 (41) Mukesh Kumar   Use of Backpropagation to Solve Problems in Analytic Hierarchy Process
09/05/1994 (42) Jayesh Sahasi Donald Nute An Expert System for Nonprescription Drug Recommendation
09/09/1994 (43) Ninghua Pu Brahm Verma A Decision Support System for Tomato Quality Sorting
11/14/1994 (44) Xianjuan Lu Walter D. Potter Hunting for Snakes Using Simulated Annealing
11/16/1994 (45) Yousong Chang Donald Nute A Red Pine Forest Management Advisory System
12/08/1994 (46) Ketki Dhanesha Donald Nute Normative Expert System Using Deontic Logic and Defeasible Reasoning
01/04/1995 (47) Xiang Hong Ron McClendon Neural Network Models for Predicting Soy Bean Seed Protein and Oil Content
05/29/1995 (48) Yu-Ling Tzeng Donald Nute Insect Identification and Treatment Expert in LPA-Prolog for Windows
06/09/1995 (49) Liucong Geng Donald Nute HAAS : An Expert Consultation System for Housing Accessibility
08/21/1995 (50) John Berkshire Bruce Britton A Computational Model of Transitions in the Stream of Consciousness
10/05/1995 (51) Guo-jun Zhu Donald Nute DSSTOOLS : A Toolkit for Development of Decision Support Systems in Prolog
02/29/1996 (52) Xun Shao Michael Covington An Implementation of a Menu-based Natural Language Interface for Databases Using Delphi
07/26/1996 (53) Besim Atalay Ron McClendon Musical Era Recognition Using Backpropagation Neural Networks
08/13/1996 (54) Qing Dong Walter D. Potter The Automated Catalog : An Expert Database System
08/19/1996 (55) Victor Boudolf Ron McClendon Predicting Peanut Maturity with MNR : An Artificial Neural Network Approach
08/30/1996 (56) Ningyu Chen Donald Nute Logic Server : A Client/Server Model for Decision Support Systems
06/12/1997 (57) Andreas Puppa Donald Nute A Comparison : Knowledge Representation in Prolog and in Defeasible Prolog
06/04/1997 (58) Chris Henderson Walter D. Potter Using Genetic Algorithms to Evolve Neural Networks
06/11/1997 (59) Andy Walker Walter D. Potter SINGER : System for Implementing New Genetic Evasion Rules
06/12/1997 (60) Zachary Hunter Donald Nute dd-Prolog : A Deontic Extension of d-Prolog
06/14/1997 (61) Jon Hamlin Walter D. Potter An Autonomous Agent for System Administration
03/23/1998 (62) Mose Chalom Michael Covington PREDICON : An Input-Driven Parsing Method in Prolog
03/23/1998 (63) Subrata Chakrabarti Asterios Kefalas Globe Business : An Assistant Expert System
12/19/1998 (64) John Eikenberry   Net Serf : Using Semantic Networks for Keyword Analysis and Document Classification
10/19/1998 (65) Lakshmi Nidamarthi Walter D. Potter An Intelligent Agent for a Web Based Authoring Tool
10/21/1998 (66) Shanyin Liu Walter D. Potter Integration of Forest Decision Support Systems : a Search for Interoperability
12/19/1998 (67) Heming Wu Donald Nute Incorporating Neural Nets in a Prolog Toolkit for Decision Support System
03/31/1999 (68) Geneho Kim Donald Nute AppBuilder for DSSTOOLS
04/16/1999 (69) Eric Shamblen Walter D. Potter The Music of Noise Generator : a Genetic Algorithm to Music Composition
08/13/1999 (70) Uli Bubenheimer Michael Covington YALL : Yet Another Latin Lemmatizer : a Morphological Analyzer for Latin and a Reimplementation in Java
08/13/1999 (71) Xiaode Deng Chi N. Thai Neural Network for Detecting Bush Bean Nutritional Stress With Multi-Spectral Images
08/13/1999 (72) Sam Donnelly Donald Nute Semantics, Soundness, and Incompleteness for a Defeasible Logic
11/22/1999 (73) Heather Silvio Ron McClendon Improving Peanut Maturity Prediction Using a Hybrid Artificial Neural Network and Fuzzy Inference System
04/17/2000 (74) Xingfeng Deng Donald Nute AneSoft : An Expert System for Canine Anesthesia
05/04/2000 (75) Wanying Bi Walter D. Potter Intelligent Decision Support System for USDA Forest Service Aerial Spray Management
08/15/2000 (76) Yong Wei Donald Nute KET : A Knowledge BAse Engineering Tool for the Forest Health Expert System
08/15/2000 (77) Mingguang Xu Donald Nute Design and Implementation of an Expert System for the Management of Uneven-Aged Loblolly Short leaf Pines
12/16/2000 (78) Harold Dale Walter D. Potter Bone-FixES : An Expert System for External Skeletal Fixation
03/30/2001 (79) James Allen Walter D. Potter A Genetic Algorithm Implementation of the Hough Transform
05/12/2001 (80) Jianguo Li Walter D. Potter STP : An Intelligent Decision Support System Approach for Aerial Spray Treatment Planning
06/05/2001 (81) Chun Liang Ron McClendon Predictions of Microbial Activity During Biosolids Composting Using Artificial Neural Networks
10/08/2001 (82) Shulei Sun Donald Nute Wildlife Habitat Management in NED-2
11/13/2001 (83) Anil Bahuman Khaled Rasheed An Evolutionary Approach to Standard Cell Design Automation
12/15/2001 (84) Deltcheva, Vassilka Michael Covington EARS : An Automatic E-mail Responding System
12/15/2001 (85) J. Nelson Rushton Walter D. Potter A Search Engine for Hypertext Encyclopedia
04/25/2002 (86) Fred Maier Donald Nute Notes on a Blackboard : Recent Work on NED-2
05/11/2002 (87) Rajesh Kommineni Walter D. Potter Systems Integration in the Forestry Domain
07/16/2002 (88) Jin Wang Walter D. Potter External Heterogeneous Information Source Management Agents
08/10/2002 (89) Dev Ashish Ron McClendon Land-use Classification of Aerial Images Using Artificial Neural Networks
08/10/2002 (90) David Crouch Donald Nute A Situated Planning Agent for the Virtual World Environment
08/10/2002 (91) David Jennings Donald Nute JXSHELL : A Web-based Expert System Platform
08/10/2002 (92) Bin Li Ron McClendon Car Rental Expert Data Base System
08/10/2002 (93) Xiao Ni Kahled Rasheed Comparison of Methods for Developing and Using Dynamic Reduced Models for Design Optimization
08/10/2002 (94) Tong Wang Chi N. Thai Spectral Vegetation Indices and Their Relationships with Nitrogen Stress Levels
12/05/2002 (95) Lin Liu Takoi Hamrita Prediction of Poultry Deep Body Temperatures Using Artificial Neural Networks
12/21/2002 (96) Ernie Foster Walter D. Potter Commodity Futures Price Prediction : An Artificial Intelligence Approach
12/21/2002 (97) Lei Wu Walter D. Potter A Comparison of Nature Inspired Intelligent Optimization : Methods in Aerial Spray Deposition Management
12/21/2002 (98) Yunxiu Xu Donald Nute K9ER : A veterinary Practice Simulator Based on the Integration of an Expert System and a Physiological Simulation
04/28/2003 (99) Swaroop Vattam Donald Nute An Architecture for Analogy Based Plan Improvisation
06/18/2003 (100) Mayukh Dass Walter D. Potter LIDS : Learning Intrusion Detection System
08/09/2003 (101) Ning Suo Khaled Rasheed Machine Learning Techniques for the Evaluation of External Skeletal Fixations Structures
08/21/2003 (102) Sanjay Chellapilla Walter D. Potter DariyMap : A Web-based Expert System for Dairy Herd Management
12/20/2003 (103) Cheng Hu Ron McClendon Modeling Reaction Kinetics of Chlorine Dioxide and Volatile Organic Compounds with Artificial Neural Networks
12/20/2003 (104) Abhishek Jain Ron McClendon Predicting Air Temperature for Frost Warning Using Artificial Neural Networks
12/20/2003 (105) Yuki Ono Walter D. Potter An Architecture for Analogy Based Plan Improvisation
12/20/2003 (106) Yarong Tang Suchendra Bhandarkar Computer Vision-based Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
04/19/2004 (107) Astrid Glende Donald Nute The NED Forest Management DSS : the Integration of Growth and Yield Models
04/26/2004 (108) Jon McClain Walter D. Potter A Behavior-based Blackboard Architecture for Multi-Robot Control
07/23/2004 (109) Cy Routh Donald Nute The NED-2 Forest Ecosystem Management DSS : the Integration of Wildfire Risk and GIS Agents
07/26/2004 (110) Lorina Naci Michael Covington Software to Measure Rambling, Cognitive Difficulty and Degree Expressions in Schizophrenic Speech
07/23/2004 (111) Xunyu Pan Suchendra Bhandarkar Motion Panorama Construction from Streaming Video for Power-Constrained Mobile Multimedia Environments
07/26/2004 (112) Jason Schlachter Donald Nute Virtual Veterinary Emergency Room : a Software System that Presents Dynamic, Interactive Medical Scenarios for Teaching Veterinary Medicine
08/02/2004 (113) Ramyaa Ron McClendon Frost Prediction Using Artificial Neural Networks
10/12/2004 (114) Sarah Witzig Donald Nute The NED-2 Forest Ecosystem Management DSS : the Integration of a Wildlife Model for the Southeast, the Goal Analysis Agent and the Report Generation Agent
11/19/2004 (115) Scott Bitterman Walter D. Potter New Lower Bounds for the Snake-In-The-Box Problem : a Prolog Genetic Algorithm and Heuristic Search Approach
12/03/2004 (116) ABD Ghani, Kartini Robert P. Mahan Human Judgment in Diagnosing Problem Behavior in Horses Using Knowledge-Based System Application
12/06/2004 (117) Kessler, Jaymin Khaled Rasheed Using Genetic Algorithms to Reorganize Superpeer Structure in Peer to Peer Networks
04/19/2005 (118) Kaijima, Makiko Ron McClendon Canine Gait Analysis and Diagnosis Using Artificial Neural Networks and Ground Reaction Force
04/22/2005 (119) Casella, Darren Walter D. Potter New Lower Bounds for the Snake-In-The-Box Problem : Using Evolutionary Techniques to Hunt for Snakes and Coils
05/25/2005 (120) Barnhard, David Walter D. Potter

Distributed Collaborative Robotic Mapping

07/21/2005 (121) Dewey, John Walter D. Potter Searching for Prescriptive Treatment Schedules with a Genetic Algorithm : a Tool for Forest Management
07/21/2005 (122) Khosla, Vineet Don Nute (Potter) ImmGnosis : Architecture for a Stateless Web-based Expert System for Immigration Law
07/22/2005 (123) Fischer, Hendrik Walter D. Potter

Decisions to Go : An Intelligent Mobile Decision Support System

07/22/2005 (124) Boucugnani, David Donald Nute REGEN a Modular and Generalized Forest Regeneration Agent
07/22/2005 (125) de Juan, Daniel Donald Nute (Potter) IMMGNOSIS : Knowledge Engineering for a Stateless Web-based System for Immigration Law
07/22/2005 (126) Hardas, Shilpa Walter D. Potter An Ant Colony Approach to the Snake-in-the-Box Problem
07/25/2005 (127) Voss, Matt Michael Covington Determining syntactic complexity using very shallow parsing
12/01/2005 (128) Morris, Eric Walter D. Potter FISSION : An Evolutionary Method for Fuzzy Learning
12/05/2005 (129) Cheng, Zhiyuan Walter D. Potter The NED-2 Forest Ecosystme Management DSS : The Integration of the Stand Visualization System, the Loftis REGEN Model, and Other Extensions
04/05/2006 (130) Srigopika Radhakrishnan Walter D. Potter Exploring Image Processing Capabilities of AIBO
04/21/2006 (131) Daniel Tuohy Walter D. Potter Creating Tablature and Arranging Music for Guitar with Genetic Algorithms and Artificial Neural Networks
07/05/2006 (132) Julian Bishop Walter D. Potter Simulation and Learning Techniques for Robot Control Architectures
07/06/2006 (133) Daniel Shank Ron McClendon

Dew Point Temperature Prediction Using Artificial Neural Networks

07/19/2006 (134) Steven Cheng Suchendra Bhandarkar Computer Vision Applications for Nanotechnology Research and Serveillance System Design
07/21/2006 (135) Rucen Deng Walter D. Potter Spray Treatment Planning Using the Ant System Metaheuristic
08/07/2006 (136) Brian Smith Ron McClendon Air Temperature Prediciton Using Artificial Neural Networks
04/26/2007 (137) Kumar Ujjwal Jay E. Aronson Cyber Haggler : Web Based Bargaining Using Genetic Algorithm
04/27/2007 (138) Arlo Lyle Khaled Rasheed Baseball Prediction Using Ensemble Learning
07/19/2007 (139) Sergey Fogelson Walter D. Potter What Computers Can Do : Applying Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Two Computationally Intensive Scientific Problems
07/20/2007 (140) Joe D. McFall Michael A Covington Using the ADIOS Algorithm for Grammar Induction and Psycholinguistic Comparison
11/30/2007 (141) Chris Taylor Walter D. Potter A Comprehensive Framework for the Snake-in-the-Box Problem
12/10/2007 (142) Dennis Perez Prashant Doshi Anytime Point Based Approximations for Interactive Pomdps
6/25/2008 (143) Hajime Uchiyama Walter D. Potter Perceptual Navigation for Semi-Autonomous Wheelchair
7/18/2008 (144) Robert Chevalier Ron McClendon (Potter) Air Temperature Prediction using Support Vector Regression and GENIE : The Georgia Extreme Weather Neural network Informed Expert
7/18/2008 (145) Jeremy Tarver Walter D. Potter Computer Vision Capabilities for a Semi-Autonomous Wheelchair
7/19/2008 (146) Cesar Koirala Khaled Rasheed

Comparison of the Effects of Morphological and Lexical Information on Text

11/18/2008 (147) Xia Qu Walter D. Potter The NED-2 Forest Ecosystem Management DSS : The Integration of Even-aged Red Pine, Aspen and Uneven-aged Loblolly Pine Prescription Models (1st INSTITUTE OF AI GRADUATE)
11/24/2008 (148) Kevin Crowell Gerrit Hoogenboom Precipitation Prediction Using Artificial Neural Networks
12/5/2008 (149) Karan Sharma Walter D. Potter

Towards Generally Intelligent Machines

4/17/2009 (150) Jiayun Han Michael Covington Building an Efficient, Scalable, and Trainable Probability-and-Rule-Based Part-of-Speech Tagger of High Accuracy
4/24/2009 (151) Colin Nicholson Michael Covington Determining Whether a Document Changes in Subject

11/20/2009 (152)

Max Martin Gerrit Hoogenboom Crop Yield Prediction Using Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms
11/30/2009 (153) Joshua Griffin Walter D. Potter Methods for Reducing and Evaluating Fitness Functions in Genetic Algorithms for the Snake-In-the-Box Problem

12/04/2009 (154)

Eric Drucker Walter D. Potter Exploring Applications of Extremal Optimization
4/19/2010 (155) Ananta Palani Walter D. Potter An Analysis of Hypercube Space for Solving the Snake-In-The-Box Problem
4/23/2010 (156) Muthukumaran Chandrasekaran Prashant Doshi Approximate Model Equivalence for Interactive Dynamic Influence Diagrams
12/01/2010 (157) Philip Brooks Walter D. Potter Particle Swarm Optimization and Priority Representation
03/25/2011 (158) Nithya Vembu Prashant Doshi A Translator Web Service for Data Mediation in Web Service Compositions
04/29/2011 (159) Soumya Shivakumar Suchendra Bhandarkar Segmentation and 3D Visualization of Intravascular Ultrasound Images
7/18/2011 (160) Yan Qu Walter D. Potter An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Controller Based on a Learning Classifier System
9/30/2011 (161) Swetha Pandhiti Walter D. Potter

Blackboard Architecture for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Controller Using Fuzzy Inference Systems

4/13/2012 (162) Jared Smythe Walter D. Potter

Roulette Wheel Particle Swarm Optimization

4/20/2012 (163) Michael Walliser Pete Bettinger Fort Stewart Shortest Path Analysis of Debris Cleanup Options
4/27/2012 (164) Tyler Carlson Walter D. Potter

Non-monotonic Knowledge Representation and Reasoning For Natural Description of Gothic Cathedrals

4/27/12 (165) Karthik Nadig Walter D. Potter Comparison of Individual, Combined and Series Air Temperature and Dew Point Temperate Models
4/27/2012 (166) Siva Venkadesh Iyappan Latha Walter D. Potter Improving Air Temperature and Dew Point Temperature Prediciton Accuracy of Artificial Neural Networks
6/29/2012 (167) Allen Taylor III Walter D. Potter HQ-DoG: Hierarchical Q-Learning in Domination Games
6/29/2012 (168) Ganesh Bonde Khaled Rasheed Extracting the Best Features from Multi-company Stock Data to Improve the Stock Price Prediction
7/9/2012 (169) Charles Hollingsworth Michael Covington Syntactic Stylometry: Using Sentence Structure for Authorship Attribution
7/12/12 (170) Shayi Zhang Michael Covington LingCues - A Linguistic Cues Software Tool for Research in Text Based Automatic Deception Detection
7/19/12 (171) David Robinson Michael Covington Finding Patient-Oriented Evidence in PubMed Abstracts
11/16/2012 (172) Weixin Ling Walter D. Potter Virus Transmission Genetic Algorithm
12/07/2012 (173) Sivapriya Kaza Suchendra Bhandarkar Quantification of Bioirrigation using Image Analysis
8/02/2013 (174) Shu Zhang Khaled Rasheed Evolutionary Accompaniment Systems for Creative Music Generation
8/02/2013 (175) Matthew Losanno Suchendra Bhandarkar

Measurement of Spatial Colocalization of Objects in N-Channel Confocal Images


6/25/2013 Will Richardson Khaled Rasheed Evolutionary Instance Resampling for Difficult Data Sets