For Current Students

AI Student Handbook

   Contains important policies and information for MSAI students.

Graduate School Dates & Deadlines

   Important deadlines related to thesis preparation and graduation for MSAI students.

AI Permission of Department Form

Thesis / Independent / Directed Study Form

Completed IAI theses

   A list of theses completed by IAI students.

Theses & Oral Exams

   Help with writing your thesis and preparing for your Comprehensive Oral Exam.

AI-Related Labs

Evolutionary Computation and Machine Learning Lab

   Headed by Dr. Khaled Rasheed.


   Headed by Dr. Prashant Doshi.

Other Resources

FTP Library

   An archive of the AI Institute's FTP Library.

Snake in the Box Website

   A site devoted to the Snake in the Box problem.

Schedule Worksheet

Template for creating your schedule